Need help- Website sitemap & Title tag for image

Hi all,

Im an SEO expert working on a company website. There are 2 important SEO elements that we want but they are currently missing in Webflow-

  1. Sitemap:
  • There should be post last modified date with second, frequency- daily, priority-0.9 & image count in sitemap for all the posts.

As this was very easy to get in wordpress through plugin.

  1. Title tag option for images
  • There is only alt tag option, image title tag is missing.

Can someone help how to fix it?


Webflow does not have any native support for this.
It does support a custom sitemap, which you can create and paste manually into site settings, but you have to update that manually with every change.

When my SEO-intensive clients need automatic sitemap changes, I fix them through a custom reverse proxy setup.

The sitemap mods in general are simple enough however aggregating data automatically like image count and last modified date are more tricky since they require analysis modules, update triggers, and a storage system.

You’d have to decide how much you want to invest in that level of automation. Here are a few details on the types of systems we build for this;