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Sitemap differences in URL when exporting code causes Google webmaster crawl issues

I generated sitemap xml for my site. Sitemap.xml seems to have the url for other pages in the format However, when I export the code from webflow and import it to the hosting server, the inner page gets the URL When I type, the page does not get displayed. The page gets displayed only when I type

The same page, when hosted in webflow, the URL works fine without the .html suffix. Due to this difference, when I submit sitemap.xml to Google webmaster, I get crawl error stating that none of the pages could be crawled.

@cyberdave: Could you please help me fix this issue and also help me understand why there is a difference in URL when the code is exported from webflow? I understand the general concept of relative path where the URL without .html suffix would work if innerpage1 was a folder with index.html inside the folder rather than innerpage1.html being a file. Does this mean that webflow stores these files internally as folders when hosted in webflow server but exports them as .html files when the code is exported?

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