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Site wide redirect for old and new brand

Hi all, looking for some best practice help with the following:

Company A has rebranded to a new domain and therefore a new domain. Old site and new site are both on web flow. Now that the new site is live I want to redirect the old site to the new site. I.e. redirects to

Would a site wide redirect at the domain level be best, or would adding the a name records of the new site to the old domain records be best?

Hope this makes sense and any help is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks - Jake!!

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Hi @jakedoubleu, I believe adding the to the new webflow project domain list is best practice. From there you just need to set the as default and all redirects will be automatically set.

For pages that don’t exist or is in a different subfolder, you should create a 301 redirect to its corresponding page (if slug is different) on the new webflow project. Else you might lose SEO points.