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"Site Usage" dashboard

With Webflow making recent changes to plans, including restricting the number of pageviews sites can have from 1 million per month down to 500/1000/25,000 etc. pageviews per month (see this article), I believe it would be useful for Webflow to provide a dashboard in the site settings area that lets customers know what their current “Site Usage” is for all important aspects of their websites that are restricted by the account plan they currently have. This would help customers monitor their site and understand when a site upgrade or downgrade would be necessary.

For example, there is a restriction on how many items may be in the site CMS. The dashboard could offer feedback on how many CMS items are currently being used. For Ecommerce plans there are plan based restrictions on “Yearly Sales Volume” so the dashboard could include the sales volume used for the current year.

Here are some items that I feel would be useful to include in the dashboard. Some of these items could be tracked over time and some items could be displayed visually using pie charts end bar graphs etc.

Site Plans

  • Number of CMS items currently used.
  • Number of Monthly visits currently used (Pageviews).
  • Number of Collections currently used.
  • Number of Form submissions currently received.


  • Yearly Sales Volume for the current year.
  • Number of Ecommerce Product variants used.
  • Number of Items used.

The feedback included to customers in this kind of dashboard may also reduce the need for Webflow staff to “reach out to customers who have gone over the limits” as customers would have the necessary insight into the performance of their site to make the decision to upgrade when necessary. The “Site Usage” dashboard could also include prompts to alert users that an upgrade is necessary based on their current usage.

Maybe members of the community might have ideas for other tracked elements that would be useful to include in the “Site Usage” dashboard.