Browser jumps around on mobile when switching scroll direction

Hey everybody! So I’ve got this weird problem that only shows up on mobile devices on certain browsers. The browsers that I’ve noticed have this issue are FireFox, Microsoft Edge, Instagram’s browser, and the Edge extension for Chrome. The issue doesn’t show up on Safari or Chrome.

The problem: When you change your scrolling direction your position on the page jumps by about a full view port height. So if I’m scrolling down and then decide to scroll up, my position on the page jumps down before scrolling normally, and if I switch my scroll direction to scrolling down, my position on the page jumps up before scrolling normally.

What I’ve tried: I’ve gone through deleting by sections and then checking every time to see if the problem lies in only one section, I could then go element by element and find what ever is causing the problem. The issue is that the problem seems to not be tied to any one section. So I hand’t been able to identify what element is causing the issue. I have one custom code element and I’ve also tried removing that in case I wrote it incorrectly somehow but that doesn’t fix the problem either. I’m really at a lost here in trying to problem solve this issue, any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Here’s my “read only link”