Site of the Day on AWWWARDS!

Hey just wanted to share that Heco just won Site of the Day on Been a long term goal of mine, and maybe a first for a Webflow site as well? (I’m not 100% on that so kudos to sites that have already done it)

Also, we were featured on SiteInspire yesterday.

Here’s the WF page link:

Thanks to Webflow for helping a designer like me feel like a front end dev. :space_invader:


Congratulations. Well deserved

Congratulations! Well deserved.


FYI @helmsmith, you are not the first to be picked for Site of the Day on for a site built in Webflow, but you are part of the club now :slight_smile: Way to go! Excellent site :slight_smile:

Ah I shouldn’t have assumed that. That’s awesome. I’ll have to dig around and check out the others.



Great job, amazing site. Very creative.

Oh obviously! Such a great page.

(And still looking forward to Interaction 2.0!)

Well done! Congratulations :clap:
The Heco site is just stunning, one of the best I’ve seen here on Webflow.

Keep up the good work!

Great Job @helmsmith :+1::clap:
Great site. well deserved acknowledgment.
All the best with future projects :muscle:

Congratulation! Great job. :beers:

I feel like i am parroting at this point, but definitely well deserved and congratulations!

Who knows, maybe Webflow will gain more traction after this. :slight_smile:

That’s really awesome. Congratulations!

Amazing site and really well deserved :smile:

Absolutely stunning!!!
Well done :champagne: :champagne: :champagne:

That’s awesome! Great job!