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Site not posting to custom domain

Hey guys,

I’m trying to launch a site on Webflow with a custom domain. It says it’s published but it’s not showing up at the domain.

Custom Domain:

Does anyone have any ideas how to trouble shoot this?


How does you hosting console look in your site settings? does it report any error? You can provide a screenshot of it.




I’m confused why you don’t have a www block in your domain settings, that would require a CNAME record. When I browse your site it tries to browse the www.

You may have deleted the www block by accident, try to delete your custom domaine settings and start from scratch. You need both blocks, the and the

As your site is setuped now, you have added A records that are redirecting to the www part that you haven’t set.

So are you saying I should delete the @ name records?

Should i have the @ name records or the proxy in the namecheap admin?

Here are the changes i’ve made and current result.

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 9.53.27 AM

No, delete the custom domaine in Webflow and start over

Ahh okay.

I’ve only done one but it seems to be working

Great, just needed a little time.

Mind to share a bit about your site? How does it retrieve data?

No problem!

I pull and scrape data from the world health organization, john hopkins, the cdc and the 50+ state health organizations.

I wanted to provide something with clearly citable sources based upon verifiable data. With so much speculation i just wanted people to be able to find real information they can trust.

We also tossed in a community feature & survival guide (for my fellow germaphobes) to stay in contact and share information about the current state of the impact across society. They’re more experimental and fun toss ins but we think some people will find it useful!

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We’ll be adding data from Canadian provinces and mexican states over the coming week and the site is updated roughly every 12 - 18 hours!

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Thanks! I assume the site auto updates, how did you link the sources data to the site?

I scrape from a handful of the sites and parse the data into tables then pull them into webflow.

A good number of the sources have to be manually entered as they dont structure data well.

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