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Site has blank space to the right in mobile version [SOLVED]

Testing my site on mobile (portrait), I realized I could scroll to the right and there is a blank space running all the way down the right side. That is until it reaches the “Open Positions” section where it corrects itself. Is this something with the JavaScript scroll interactions I have setup? I also have all my sections set to Relative, so my background video could be fixed - I may have not set that up correctly.

I am testing on a Note8 with most up to date version of Chrome.

I can scroll over in the mobile viewpoint setting in the Designer, not as much but you can tell it is allowing the page to scroll horizontally which it should not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @Seth_Opperman,

Could you provide your Webflow sharelink:

We’d be happy to take a look and help :blush:

He put it in the LINK above. Check it out, because I can’t see where the blank space on scrolling right is showing.

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Thanks @garymichael1313! Missed it. Gotten so accustomed to it not being added. :blush:

Hey @Seth_Opperman, just a tip. If you use a scroll to section, make the nav bar sticky allowing users to go back up… or down.

Have it show on scroll or fixed to top. Otherwise, navigation is a little challenging.

Hi @Seth_Opperman,

In order to fix the horizontal scroll we would need to make the interactions that slide in from left/right to initially be display:none. Currently, their position causes the window to scroll.

The following video shows when the interactions are complete - the window no longer has horizontal scroll:

Hopefully this helps :nerd_face:

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Yeah I can only see a slight left movement, but you guys are showing a large move. The easiest thing to test, is put the Body layer to Overflow: hidden. Then look again. I’ll have to defer the rest, my machine is not showing much :grin:

@garymichael1313, Thanks for the tip. I implemented that and agree it makes navigation much easier.

Not a problem, have a great week!

@micahryanhtml, You nailed it. Thanks so much for your help!

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@Seth_Opperman Oh, no problem. Glad I could help!

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