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On mobile, website is scrolling out of bounds

When scrolling on mobile, the borders of the website are not locking in to the size of the screen. Unless you scroll with your finger perfectly vertical, the website moves to some blank space on the right side and stays there. I haven’t encountered this problem with the other site we have live. Has anyone experienced this problem/have a solution?

Read only link:

Published Link:

What it looks like with a perfectly vertical scroll

What it looks like if you even think about scrolling right

Hey! This is typically caused by an element somewhere on the page extending off the page. Sometimes that something can be invisible so try turning on x-ray mode and scanning down the page t see if anything is dangling off. :wink:

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Thanks! That’s a really good point. I checked it out and I don’t have any elements “dangling” haha, but I do have animations that start off to the side! Once I’ve scrolled to the bottom of the page and all the animations have loaded and are static, the borders lock in and I can’t scroll to the side anymore.

I guess I’ll start tinkering with the animations :disappointed:

Hi @anetteu

You can also set your sections to overflow hidden and it’ll do the trick :slight_smile:

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Hey @donaldsv

Thanks for the reply! That fixed the problem for me!

TYSM :heart_eyes:

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