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Site crashes on tablet/phone

Anyone else having problems with this?

Having this problem with 2 of my websites. Crashes when viewing on mobile device, even before 100% loaded. Very annoying, don’t know why this happens? Site is too heavy? Too much auto-play sliders? I’m stuck!

Could it be my sliders? I give the first slide 1 class and all following slides a sub-class of that one. Each slide contains of background image + gradient overlay. Is it too heavy?

I deleted all slides and seems to work fine…
Anyone have a solution of how to create a full-width slider/gallery slideshow? Without crashing mobile devices :frowning:

Hi @rowan,

I loaded on an iPad and iPhone 5, but didn’t get a browser crash on either device.

Can you post the specs of the device that is crashing for you?


Good that it doesn’t crash on your devices !!
But probably because you’ve got some more recent devices, no?

I’m using iphone 4s and ipad 2.

Anyone who knows reason for this? When viewing my site on iphone 4s/ipad 2, browser crashes mostly instantly, or sometimes after loading the site partially.

I’m really stuck at this point. If I can’t view my site on mobile devices… I’m trying to see if I can discover the reason…but I’m really not sure what can be the problem behind this?

Hey @rowan the images on your site (in your slides including) are very large and may be conflicting with iOS requirements. Try to reduce their size to below 200kB if possible, then try again on these older devices.

Try that and let us know how it works out.

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So optimal size would be below 200kb? I always stayed at around 300 kb. With a width of 2000 pixels.

What would be the optimal size of images used? Any tips?

This is really strange. I thought I figured out the problem…seemed some “unused styles” contained a few images of around 3MB. Discovered that when exporting the website (18 MB!)… Now that I cleaned it all it’s about 3,8 MB. Seems fair for a website with some photos, no? But still it keeps crashing on our mobile devices…

It’s so strange… Largest image currently is 250 kb. Most of them are between 70 to 170 kb??

Ok, so a tip for everyone: Don’t complain about something before you are sure you have a right to complain about it :wink:

Seems to work! Must have been the unused styles that i’ve removed. And then cleaned cache to be sure everything was clean. All seems to work well now on our devices!

Lessons learned.

Glad it worked @rowan.

To learn more about iOS resource limits you can read up here: