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Site Copy Paste Links Glitch

I have come across a glitch when I copy and paste elements containing links across sites. I copied a navbar across from another site and in the editor view all of the nav links direct to the other site. They have been changed and display the correct information. Clicking them is where the issue comes up.

I was able to fix one instance of this glitch by deleting, dropping in a new link element, and applying the class to the element…just discovered another.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Sounds like a cache issue with your browser. I suggest you Inspect the code on the published site to see if the links are wrong in the source code.

This happened on all of the collaborators computers. They have never visited the website that the navbar was copied from. It also happened on my computer in editor mode.

If you are in the designer and copy the navbar from project A to B, does the same issue occur? I am not clear if that is what you meant in the last sentence.

In the designer - copy and paste from A > B.

Changed styling, changed links, publish, all is fine on the live site. The issue is in the editor view only when navigating around. The links are still the same as site A (even though they have the updated info displayed)

Hi, @Jason_Green!

I’d love to take a look at this and see if I can pin down what is happening. Thanks for sharing your read-only link. Can you share the read-only link of the site you’re copying from as well?

I’ll be looking forward to your response so I can help you solve this issue.

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