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ADA Compliance Help

Hey, everyone! Anybody have any clues about how to give my nav items and the dropdown items a tab index and actually have it work with a screen reader? Having some issues with it. I would appreciate any help you could provide!!!

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Anyone??? I have switched all the HTML 5 tags to nav like they should be, but dropdowns are ignored by the screen reader. I’d really appreciate some help if there are any experts out there! @PixelGeek - any ideas??

@vincent you have any experience on this front?

Yes, sir! My one issue is that the screen reader is skipping the dropdowns in the nav.

I thought you were asking me. Lol. My bad. I’ve hand coded them before - just struggling to get the webflow menu compliant. I may just hand code with an HTML embed and come back and try to figure out how to do it in the designer. If I get that far, I’ll share what I learn.

Haha. Sorry about that Riley. Accessibility is one of my big interests in the web design world, but I haven’t worked on this particular issue you’re having. Just know Vincent has dug around in this corner a fair bit. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion and good luck! I’ll be keeping an eye out.

Thanks, @jmw! I appreciate it! And no worries, I completely understand.

@jmw I think Webflow needs to make their components accessible by default since we need to know JS and CSS to remove and add labels.
Maybe Sara Soueidan can help to bring a solid solution to Webflow :grin:

I don’t disagree, sir. Pretty sure we’d all be pretty psyched to work with Sara! :smiley:

I do a lot of work for schools and government entities and having this built into Webflow would be AMAZING! Maybe I need to head on over to the Wish List and add it!

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:pensive: Accessibility it’s not a popular request for the webflow community!

I haven’t seen @vincent around for a while.

I think he made a couple million francs and went on vacation.

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LOL. Here’s hoping that’s exactly what happened. :slight_smile:


That’s a bummer. It’s such a big deal. we want our sites to look good and function for everyone! I’ll just keep hoping that this get’s integrated. Until, then I’m happy to work around it!

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