Single youtube embed with changing CMS data? Possible?

I made made a sheet music site where sections have their own youtube video which is synched to a desired time. The issue is that when you switch between sections it opens up a new video rather than feeding the CMS time data into the existing video.

I want to add a collection list (not item) into a youtube embed. Is this possible?

This should mimic the functionality of having page links but for a youtube video.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

simplified speaking, embedded YT videos run in their own separate context, due to security issues, you can’t treat iframes like other elements on your site. Its basically a window to YouTubes domain. You can overlay it with stuff, but you have no access into it. Only the iframe's origin can define ways to interact with it.

If you want to programmatically skip to certain points in a video, I suggest you look at YouTubes player API - especially the section with the player.seekTo function.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the advice! I’ll look into it today!

Let me know if you get stuck!