Skipping to different points of a Youtube Embed w/ CMS Data (onClick) of a button

I I want to feed different CMS data into the same Embed which I can turn on/off with the click of a button through Jquery. I know this is a lot… I would be amazed if someone had an answer for me.

Implementation: I made a sheet music site which has demo videos synched to sections. When they click on a section I want to video to skip to the desired time (which is in the CMS)

Life Site Example

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Hey Esteban!

I saw the custom code iframe element you have created.
In order to interact with the iframe, like skipping to a certain spot in the video, you need to create a YT.Player-object from the iframe. Otherwise you can’t programmatically control the video.

Have you had a look at the YT player API?

I suggest you follow the example closely. then you can use the player.seekTo() method on the YT.Player-object!

The example targets an empty div and the script that is created while running client side creates the iframe. You probably want to load it from the iframe instead, which is possible. But I suggest starting with the example first!