Simple DropDown fade

Hello I am new to webflow

How to have the dropdown (in a navbar) faded in and out instead of the default popup?
(I have seen related answers but did not understand. I need a very detailed answer, exactly what to press and in what order from start to finish)

Thanks : )

Can anyone from webflow team help me out on this one?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi there and Welcome! :grinning:

Do you want it to fade in - OR - slide?

Go here to my Style Guide, go to Accessories. You’ll see two a drop down and accordion. Is this what you’re looking for?

Thank you.
I am looking for something like your " Single Dropdown" (membership text inside)

I actually manage to create more complex things today then what i was asking for in this post, by creating stuff from scratch and using the interaction panel (after watching some tutorials). But its like the build-in drop down is blocking me from using animations on it, i dont know why…