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Sign up flow with Webflow and Salesforce?

Is this possible?
A sign-up flow in Webflow, that sends everything to SalesForce.
The sign-up flow has multiple steps:

  1. Sign up (contact info submission)
  2. Product selection
    ( If a free trial is chosen, skip to step 4. )
  3. Product Add-ons selection (including amount)
  4. Review and edit everything so far (form info, selected options).
  5. Final info submission (multiple choice each with a couple text fields to fill out)
  6. Submit (to salesforce)

At the moment, the ask is a “screen” for each step, so there’s progression.
Could be different URLs or advancing through the steps on the same page, so you see the visuals for a single step at a time.

Are sign up flows like this possible, and how?
Open to suggestions on alternative methods or workarounds you’ve used.

The suggestion is to link everything with Zappier, but I am not sure that is enough to let us display the form data submitted at the beginning for confirmation at the end. Or how that data would be editable when confirming the order. Same with the product info.

Everything in this flow has to be registered to SalesForce under the same same lead/user.

I can imagine a way to simplify everything is to make it all one big form, were users just choose everything, somehow we add all the prices for the different selections for the total, and then that form gets sent to SalesForce. No editing, no multiple screens, no review of data submitted or chosen at earlier stages. Not as fancy though.

I can comment with more specifics if that helps.

Thank you.