Side scroll on mobile (horizontal cards...)

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I’m trying to figure out how to do a side-scroll like many apps these days do; where content (say imagery) is scrollable on mobile left and right. So, I don’t want to use sliders, because that hides the next image, but make it so the next image is visible a bit from the get-go, so they know it’s scrollable.

Like this:

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This guide from Webflow explains it a bit:


  1. The images scroll left by themselves, when the user scrolls down … this is not the same, as having the user scroll horizontally by themselves, like we’re used to on many modern apps.
  2. I need this to work on CMS content…



I’d consider using fullpage.js, which supports horizontal scrolling with a notion of screen. It’s solid, and you can keep the vertical scrolling for vertical, and horizontal for horizontal sections.

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Is this considered a difficult task, e.g., I’d have to hire a developer (since I’m not one)?

I found this:

Also, do you think it even possible to do it for CMS content? Example - “Featured sights”, and then below the CMS-pulled content (cards)…

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Is this really the only way? This could easily be an official feature since it seems to be used a lot these days. I know Bootstrap studio has it.

What do you think?


I would love for this to be added to the wishlist if it isn’t already. It seems like a very basic functionality that I use in almost every site now, whether for blog cards or testimonial cards or a dozen other things.

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Bumping this up since I’m trying to do the same thing. Did you ever figure this out? :slight_smile:


Yeah, very simple to do… send your info here and what you want to do; so more people can benefit.

Thanks, managed to figure it out! Placed the cards inside a div and set the overflow to auto.

I just noticed this post too for anyone else who might still be confused: Any way to make horizontal scroll for mobile?


So simple… :sweat_smile: Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for