Showing Number of Form Submissions on Site

Heya Webflow Community,

I need help in finding a way for showing the number of form submissions on a form into the same page of the form. Basically we are accepting some prebookings and we want to show the number of prebookings booked. Even if there is a way using custom code or any way would be helpful. It’s a little urgent, I’m putting my faith in our community.

Hey Spanith,

There are a lot of details that are important to making a working solution for you, but in general you’ll need to consider;

  • What defined a “count”? Is it someone clicking submit? Is it a submitted form? Is it a valid submitted form? Minus spam?
  • Are form submissions being stored somewhere they can be easily counted, e.g. airtable or google sheets?
  • How accurate do you need that count to be ( generally not that important if it’s for marketng, but very important if it’s available seats remaining on an airplane ).

You’ll find some notes here to get you started;

I do custom development work, if you need assistance you can PM me, but I’m rather busy with projects atm.