Showcasing site as Freelancer role with Guest site access

Just wrapped a client project and used what I assume is the suggested/standard process: Created the site in my Freelancer Workspace > transferred site to client’s free/basic workspace once complete > they purchased a site plan and added me as a workspace guest with the site admin role.

This was pretty smooth and nice to no longer have to worry about billing a client for hosting/platform fees.

I naturally would like to add the project to my public profile and Made in Webflow. Unfortunately, I receive the following message when trying to post to my profile rather than the client’s: Your workspace role doesn’t have permission to showcase this site to your user profile

The client is happy to let me adjust whatever settings needed to showcase the site. I have the role of a site admin, however do I need to alter another permission to accomplish this?

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Why can’t a Freelancer/Agency showcase a site in a clients workspace? Now i’ve to make a duplicate project that’s not in sync…

This feature is now available. Learn more about it here: Showcase projects from a client’s Workspace | Webflow Features