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Show when page was last updated (not in a CMS)

I have a page that lists current on-going sales from a CMS. I want to display when the page/CMS was last updated. I wanted this to be in the Title of the page and not actually inside the CMS wrapper as it would repeat multiple times.

Does anyone know how to achieve this, there doesn’t seem to be an option to bind the text if it isn’t in a CMS collection.

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You mean you want to display the time of when the last CMS item was updated? You can just add another collection list, set it to display one item, sort by time modified and bind a text field to that.

Like so:

2021-05-19 13_45_41-Document7 - Word

2021-05-19 13_45_34-Webflow - Minimal-list

Makes perfect sense. Thanks for the help sire!

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