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Show subtitles by default for Vimeo videos

Hi folks,

I am designing a sales page for online courses that I sell. I want to embed a Vimeo video and show subtitles by default.

Vimeo’s help docs state: “[I]t’s currently not possible to set captions or subtitles to appear by default … when embedding videos in applications that do not allow insertion of our iframe embed code.”

And that seems to be correct; I tried to embed the video using a Webflow Video element, but I could not get the subtitles to show by default. (The way to show subtitles by default is to append ?texttrack=en to the end of the embed URL; I did this and that accomplished nothing.)

So it seems that I will have to use the Webflow embed block. Okay. I’m trying that now. But if I use an iframe embed, I have to specify the height and width in the embed HTML.

Thing is, I want the video element to have a different height and width depending on whether the user is on desktop, laptop, or mobile. And as far as I am aware, I cannot use different embed HTML for different media.

Is there a way out here?

Ideally, I would like the Webflow Video element to support showing Vimeo video subtitles by default. Of course, I realize that if that’s not currently possible, that it would take a while to add that feature to Webflow. That’s why I’m stuck.

Would appreciate your thoughts.

— Peter Akkies

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Hi Peter,

Did you find a solution to this?



Also, it’s funny that Discourse makes me write at least 20 characters. I suppose I should say “nope” in an extra-long way.

Well, I found a workaround which is include the video (in my case Vimeo) as a iframe and force the subtitles. They explain it here:

Hope this may help someone.