Show more text button and expand visible content

Hello, I’m curious how I can create a text button which expands the section to the full text. I want to do this as some viewers might not be interested in some topics but want to read more about one section but keeping them on the same page.

Also will the interaction of show/hide lower the other topic titles? I just want to show more text when they click for the specific topic

Can i do with without custom code and can I apply the interaction of show more/hide only of specific text in the div block. Or can I do this with scale div block interaction and link it to button? I’m worried it can affect seo and how do I know how much to scale the div block with a lowering the rest of the page content effect?

Much appreciated

Use interactions.
The initial height of your DIV wrapper might be 300px, then when the interaction runs that height will be “auto” which is full height.

As a model, look up examples of accordions built with interactions.

Thank you, I’ll give it a go.