Show/Hide Interaction

Trying to create click to Show/Hide effect on my site:

The idea is that once the ‘REQUEST’ button is clicked the form will slide in from the side of the browser.

I followed the instructions outlined in the tutorial however the interaction on my site does not work at all. I would greatly appreciate your help.


Your REQUEST button doesn’t have an interaction that reveals your form.

Your FORM has both an initial appearance that hides it and a click interaction that shows it.

Try removing the click interaction on your form and adding it to the REQUEST button.

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Awesome!.. I separated the interactions as you suggested and it made a difference! Now I only have the 'initial appearance:none" on the form and all other interactions have been applied to the button. Thank you ever so much!

I would like to add/include a Calendar under my APPOINTMENT tab, one that is interactive in the sense that the user can select a date/time and maybe also have it interact with my google calendar… any thoughts?

Try adding a Google Calendar using our Embed component in that APPOINTMENT tab :smiley:

Ooooh… I’m gonna give it a shot!


It’s great up to the point where I test it and I get no interaction. I’d like for the visitor to be able to select a date and follow thru from there.

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