Show full post body in RSS feed?

A few people have asked if we can post the full content of our blog posts in our RSS feed instead of just a description and link to the site so they don’t have to go to our site to read it.
I’m fine with doing that (don’t care about traffic, ads, etc.), but there doesn’t seem to be a way to add rich text fields to the description. Can this be done with custom code or is there another workaround?

rich text is with h1-h6, links and images. Rss is only for text (And all the idea of RSS is to use short text).

RSS: Rich Site Summary

In general you could bind the full article body - rich-text area to collection like any other feilds. Create custom feild for “article body” - type --> rich-text and thats it.

@Siton_Systems Could you please clarify your explanation on how to add the full body to the RSS feed in Webflow? I have duplicated the post body content into a plain text field and that is a selectable field. Is that what you are recommending we do? Does that work? What about audio links? How can that be incorporated in an RSS feed?

Thanks for your help!

No way to bind `rich-text to RSS (Only simple text blocks).

What do you mean by audio link? (RSS does not use audio links only simple links to html page (With any content you want - audio, article. video).