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Show animation doesn't work

Hi Webflowers!

I can’t resolve the issue with animation. Why it doesn’t work? What’s wrong?

It doesn’t show Video Popup on click.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Why should it? I mean that button has no ties to the video, it’s just a button without interaction attached, without link… Why should it open a popup?

Hi @dram. thank you for feedback. I made interaction for full div with image.

@dram is right - no interaction attach to this button

Can’t check right now but yesterday there were no interactions on anything as far as I remember. Can you please make sure the ix is set up properly in your read only?

OK, just checked, indeed no interactions assigned. But I see you have one for opening modal so I just assigned it to the parent div to make it the way you intended.

And after that it worked. Can you try just adding the ix and seeing if that fix the things for you?

thank you for all feedback. I added a solution with lightbox Problem with popup video

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