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Should we create a space for Webflow Developers?

Hi Webflow Community!

My name is Frank, and I head up our external developer platform here at Webflow.

We have been talking to developers in our community and have found a recurring theme: Webflow is lacking a space for developers to meet, learn, and support each other.

This is something that we can start making changes around and investing in to better support developers sooner rather than later.

I wanted to bring this topic to you, the community, to start getting feedback before creating a space for developers.

Do you identify as a developer on Webflow - someone who writes new code to create new plugins, integrations, or libraries for Webflow sites?

If so then please take this quick 2 question survey to help us gauge what would be most effective!

:arrow_right: Survey Link


Unfortunately, that link won’t let me access the survey for I don’t have permission granted.

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Gah! I forgot to make it public. I just modified it please give it another try!

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@FrankAtWebflow Thanks for asking. Done! Cheers :metal:


cc @Skape -----------------

Awesome ! Survey done.


Thank you! Survey completed.

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Great idea! Completed :+1::+1: