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I’ve embedded ShopRocket onto a client’s site, and am trying to customize the shopping cart widget that displays in the top right of the screen. On desktop and tablet views, I’ve got it fixed to the navbar, in the top right corner. However, on phone viewports the widget overlays the menu button. Ideally, I’d like the widget to appear in the mobile menu when the menu button is clicked, at the bottom of the menu. However, this would require some custom coding and I’m unsure of how to do this. My read only link is below, as well as screenshots of the published version and the preview version.

Read only link

Published version with widget overlaying menu button

Where I’d like the widget to appear on mobile views

Hi there!

This is easily done by using a plain text cart by adding the “sr-no-style” class to the cart, you can see an example of this in action here:

You would probably need to use a media query to show one cart on desktop, and another in the menu on mobile.

Hope this helps,