Shifting website from Wordpress

I want to shift my website from Wordpress to webflow . Should i have change hosting as well or i can transfer all data from wordpress cms to webflow. Can someone guide me about this? I also try with the plugin but i don’t have much info about webflow plugins. It only works with Wordpress to Wordpress. My website is related about Amazon Dropshipping Coaching, so i don’t want to lose the information on my wbsite. Kindly suggest me what i have to do?

Your wordpress cms data can be imported into webflow cms as a csv file. All you need to do is just create a collection list with the same settings as your wordpress collection list. Other than that the rest of your website looks a bit static - which you can create on webflow easily.

As for hosting, if you are using Webflow CMS you’d want to host your project with webflow. What kind of plugins do you use on your website? Can you let us know!