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For some time now, I was a Roblox developer. No website, and I just did my thing.

At that time, I was still using Wix for my portfolio as I heard that it is a good one and everyone was using it. But, thats not always the case. It was clunky and slow.

I decided to quit Wix, and find something else. I moved on to Google Sites, made my website. Although I’m still not happy with how it looked.
I moved to Carrd, it was kinda good.

I had no idea on what path am I gonna take now, so I just watched SiteBuilderReport for any insight on a good website builder. Then something just sucked the life out of me. WEBFLOW.

I moved on Webflow to create my portfolio, I was interested and went to the Uni for this. Although it has a steep learning curve, I succeeded. It was worth learning. Not sure how they keep their users on.

Although I love it, I don’t really have money to upgrade as I’m not a freelancer and I’m just showcasing my work for viewers to see. Still, It’s an impressive tool compared to Wix, Weebly or GoDaddy.

Happy that I discovered this tool instead of spending hours looking for the one I like.