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Too Limited, Not enough disclosure

I spent a lot of time learning and writing. Eventually I bailed.

I just wanted to make 2 small, simple websites. I spent a lot of time working, but the product seemed good.

Although the Webflow site was, in my opinion, opaque about cost and whether the product I created was mine and I could take it elsewhere, I eventually concluded that I could not use it elsewhere.

I spent a lot of time at Google Sites. Google Sites is not at all as flexible and “powerful” as Weblow, but it seems that what I create there is mine. So, I bailed.

I have some bitterness, because of the time spent and, in my opinion, lack of clarity of what is free and what is not.

Should be more clarity. Hence I can only recommend Google Sites.

I’m sorry to hear you ran into issues with Webflow, but as long as you’re not utilizing their CMS or Ecommerce functionality you should have no problem exporting the project code to host externally.

Is there something in particular you found that didn’t align with what you expected before using it? What was your expectation of price initially as well as after starting to use the platform?

Now I am half-way into Google land and half-way out of Webflow, but this is my best recollection.

I now want (and it may be the total extent of my needs) one or two small websites. This would probably be a very small loss to Webflow except, if I were very pleased with the situation, I would likely speak well of it to others so that I might end up a small to perhaps significant gain to Webflow.

I was concerned about not being able to move the website because I was not sure what I would need to end up paying ti stay.

Second, I was not sure I could take it elsewhere.

Google, of course, has a few problems in terms of appearance, but it works. I really don’t demand high quality.