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Share Your 404 Pages :)

Thanks @bartekkustra for showing me that you can make 404 pages :slight_smile:
Just used the typer jquery on this page, haha. And a little hover effect at the end :wink:

Show off your 404 pages here!!!




@jaidenleach I added in a few more Waldo’s haha :smiley:


You can actually use any url in the end and it’s working :smiley: Great to see you made that a great site :)

One thing… I would suggest giving little more space for text or break it into two as it bugs me as hell when the words starts typing in one line but jumps to second.

So many Waldos!


Here’s one I did a little while ago for a client:


I believe 404 pages should set goals like any other page, ON TOP OF proposing/guessing good reads for the visitor.

On the sandbox 404, on top of proposing quick and evident links to the most read articles, I try to make the visitor to tweet to me from my twitter page and hope he will follow me in the process. I’ve been drawing a few spiders since I’ve done that (: Even if the user doesn’t follow me it’s a good manner to engage with people.

I’ll spare you the hassle of demanding a spider drawing (:

I know, it’s crappy, but it’s unique!


@vincent agreed that’s very important. Here’s a 404 page I did for a client which has some more information at the bottom:


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That’s my 404 page that contains a menu I’ve been designing a while back.

@vincent great idea! I need to think of that approach!


Oh Bartosz I havent seen you in a while, very glad you are still around (:

The state of mind about 404 pages is that when a user reach a 404, you suddenly have ALL HIS ATTENTION… it’s weird, but more attention than you’d get after clicking on a working link.

So it’s a unique occasion to reach goals, to get leads. It’s also a unique occasion to shift from your usual language. You can be more fun and sarcastic, propose playful things, bring surprises, show more of your real character.

404 pages should be one center of attention from designers. We should se goals and A/B test the hell out of it until it becomes super duper effective. One could say “You have tat many 404 hits?” Well for now not so much on static sites (unless your content moves a lot and people use to link to your site from elsewhere), but when we will all run CMS websites, 404 hits should increase, because of a larger number of pages and some other factors relative to how CMS work.


@vincent that is so true :slight_smile: 404 pages provide huge opportunity for achieving goals and there is scope for more than just “click here to go home”…

Hey @vincent I love your approach to it! Makes me think completely differently about it haha. And thank you @bartekkustra I will fix those up haha, I was just having too much fun last night. I’m gonna need to un-loop the Waldo’s because they’re everywhere hahahaha.

Once cms is up could definitely see myself linking most recent blog posts and such on the 404 page asking, did you mean to go here? Haha. Waldo’s good at hiding articles too lol. Too much fun to be had :slight_smile: I’m loving all of these posts! Keep them up :slight_smile: @sabanna do you have one somewhere? :smile:


Absolutely. Again, unique occasion to present dynamic content too, sort it in another way, a way you coudln’t decide to put on home page for whatever reason. Ideal world: some people would find your 404 so effective they’d bookmark it and use it as the landing for your site.

There’s a talk about webdesign I used to give where I used this analogy, for describing what 404 experiences should bring:

I’m a mobile app developer. I have an app that 99% of the people like, but sometimes someone would react extremely negatively for whatever reason. And they would do it publicly, on Facebook or Twitter. Something very negative and violent. Something along the way of “Most stupid app ever! Totally destroys the resolution of images, horrendous results and crash all the time. Avoid at all cost! Dev is a moron.” So yeah, the feedback is disproportionned and rude, but you can tell for sure the user had a bad experience with your app. That’s when we personally reach out to this user. Calmly, deeply appologize, and propose solutions based on the feedback, something like “We’re very, very sorry that our app made you mad like this. Of course, we will be so happy to refund the app, and you can even keep it afterwards. Now, maybe when you filter the first picture, you wrongly activated the low res settings and that’s now affecting all the results. We would be so happy if we could understand the issue and see if we can fix it for you”. You know what happens then? This customer goes from the worst rant you’ve ever seen to the most warm and nice comment about your actions. He suddenly becomes the most loyal customer ever. For one bad tweet, he will now post 5 great ones a week. You’ve been transforming a bad experience into one so good you could not have planned it ahead.

404 are like that. Bad news, then what can we do to make this the best page you’ve visited all day?


I’m ninja. DId you expect to see me? ;> I’m like @Waldo_Broodryk - hidden. Do you know the difference? Once you find Waldo you know he’s there. I disappear again! :D


I would share mine but…you wouldn’t find it…LOL

I’ll leave now…

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@vincent that is beautiful, literally the most brilliant thing I have read all week :smile:



Haha I love this one @leozakour

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Here’s mine!

I’m liking @leozakour too!


Hahaha, great one, there’s a real story here (:

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Here’s one that I made for my dad’s church website!

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