Redirect your Custom 404 page to page within project - Tutorial

Hello guys, this morning I faced requirement:

“When user is redirected to 404 page, we want to show 404 page briefly and then redirect user to another page.”

Solution is simple:

  1. Open your 404 page Settings
  2. Into Custom code into section “Inside head tag” add following code
  setTimeout(function (){'', '_self');
  }.bind(this), 2000);
  1. Publish and voilá - after 2 seconds (2000 miliseconds) the page redirects user to Just change this string accordingly.

If you wish to change delay - change the 2000 to any number you want.


Non-JS solution

Thank you for advice. Can you please show where does that code go?

@Mihail_Casian See the screenshot in that post.

@jarda , thanks for your help and quick tip. I also redirected my 404 to home but letting users know that you are being redirected. Here is my 404 page, would love to hear your thoughts