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Share blog posts on social


I cant see an image when i try share posts on linkein.
facebook is ok right now…

i tried to put meta tag for specific image like this:

and also tried to select image on ‘Open Graph Image’

what i do wrong :frowning:

last thing -

the image requirements specific to the LinkedIn sharing module is also ok.

Is this a new page that you’re sharing, or is it the one you shared previously
before having open graph details? Please try to re-scrape a URL; it may be
worth trying that first.

Try to use the social media platform’s debug tools
It could be that the social media platforms have not checked your site for a new image yet. You can tell them to do that use the LinkedIn post inspector tool

Go to the LinkedIn Post Inspector, enter the URL of your article and click “Inspect”. You will see a preview of how the link will look like when shared on LinkedIn. Your new image should now be displayed.

Did your image still not show up? Then check your Open Graph / Linkedin metatags