Shadcn/ui - how to use React Shadcn components in Webflow

Shadcn has many great React components.
What do I have to do to being able to use a selection of those components in my Webflow project?

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you won’t be able to use them inside Webflow itself, but rather in a Next.js/React project together with exported Webflow components using DevLink.

Hi, great, thanks for a super fast response. We will check it out!

When I watched the keynote video at, I got the impression that it now is possible to also import components into Webflow. I.e. using them inside Webflow, and run the website from Webflow, fetching some React components.
Was that not what he showed in the demo?

Yeah, I haven’t heard about being able to import components through DevLink, that feature is at least not available yet.