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Settings for header image? (stop repeating without ruining quality)

Hi. Questions about header picture:

How do I stop it from being repeated like this?

These are the picture settings:

If i use cover the quality becomes horrible.


The repeat options are in the Tile section of the dialog. Click on the X for no repeat.

If you want the image to cover the section without looking horrible, upload a bigger image.


Thanks @vincent. But I have a follow up question if you do not mind. :smiley:

Picture beow is a very big image 3648 x 2736. So it seems like no matter what picture I use, it will never go the full width?
What setting can I use for it to kinda stretch instead maybe? Or how can I solve it you think

Derp , i just tried “cover” and it worked. thanks @vincent, think it looks good now.