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Uploading Images Adustment

I was watching this tutorial video, trying to learn about using a background image that’s meant to be fixed. There are different properties that can be adjusted in this Upload section, such as “Cover” for the image to cover the entirety of the Section, and where one can set it to Tile or not Tile (not sure why tiling is the default, as it seems like one giant photo is more the norm than tiled wallpaper in 2015).
I’ve attached a screenshot from the tutorial videos to illustrate what my question is about. So, my question is, how to access these controls after the image is uploaded? I can’t figure it out, and it seems that this would be essential, as how often do you know exactly what you want the image to do before you upload it, especially if you’re designing from scratch within Webflow, as opposed to having pre-designed it in Photoshop or something.

Okay, I just answered my own question. You click on the name of the photo, once it’s uploaded, in the Images and Gradient area of the Background section in the Style Tab. But that is not obvious at all. I think there needs to be a popup hint in that area, when you hover over the name of the image.