Setting up Webflow's hybrid app example with Ngrok

Hey everyone, after posting a sample .env on Webflow’s hybrid app repo, I received some questions about getting the hybrid app example up and running.

So, I wrote a step-by-step guide to clarify the process and hopefully help anyone else who’s stuck. Check it out if you’re working with Webflow’s hybrid example it uses Ngrok but should be the same process if you’d like to stick with GitHub codespaces.


@lunchpaillola this is awesome :raised_hands:

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You all are awesome! Big fan of the new Webflow resources for building apps!

Thank you @lunchpaillola for the article. It was clear, simple and It helped me run my first Webflow Hybrid app.

I still faced a challenge when I npm run dev to start the app. I was redirected to the auth page but couldn’t get the tokens.
Once I inserted my auth credential, I entered an infinite loop on the following page.

I solved it by accessing the app and clicking the ngroc link below:

Why? I don’t really know.

I hope it will unblock someone facing the same challenges.

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That’s so interesting! Thanks for sharing, i didn’t think the http urls work I wonder if it has anything to do with region

Yes, me too I was surprised, I guess I stop thinking when I saw it works.

From the ngrok interface, the https… link is also working.

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HI. It seems the link is broken. Any chance of posting a working link?