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Setting flex on a slide breaks the slider component

I’m not sure if this is a bug or after all these years with Webflow I still can’t figure out the slider. I usually make custom sliders. But I figured I’d use the simple slider for some quotes.

my share link is
and the page in question is the performers page , row 6.


Figured out a workaround. Like most fixes in webflow, wrap in a div and place the layout on the div and not the set object. Though from the webflow university video it looks like I should be able to place the attributes to the slide itself. Would love the actual solution to this.


Hi @jbleroux

Thanks for your video. Webflow components are made with specific display settings and any changes to those display settings aren’t recommended as they can break the component. It seems you already figured that out and the solution is as you said to use separate nested divs.

I’d appreciate it greatly if you could tell me in which University content did you see that we use flexbox for the slide element itself.

Thanks in advance.

Yeah Anna the slide video is very confusing

at minute three it talks all about doing all the changes directly to the slide component. And it seems to work. But if I try to do flex on the slide component it does not work. The video needs to explain better or the slide component is not working as it does in that video

thank you

Thanks for pointing that out, Jeremy!

As I said, changing the display settings on native components may break the component. That’s a mistake in the video. Thanks again for reporting about it. The team is already working on fixing that.

Thanks again!

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