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Setting a blank attribute

Hi, is it possible to set a blak attribute in form elements?

In this case I need to set novalidate=""



Have needed this at least twice in the last couple of months :thinking:

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This is also required for iframely embeds… Webflow, why?

Using embed.js directly allows you to skip getting HTML embed codes from APIs first. You can simply use the same template for all links, and let embed.js handle the rest.

To let Iframely’s embed.js know which URLs to embed, simply wrap links into Iframely divs and add empty data-iframely-url attribute to your links:

 <div class="iframely-embed">
   <div class="iframely-responsive">
     <a data-iframely-url href=""></a>

Embed.js will replace all such URLs with embedded iFrame once loaded. It will take href attribute value of the link as the URL to unfurl.

Yeap, Structured Data like itemscope itemtype=“HowTo - Type for SEO purpose too. (n)