Set svg icon color

Hey guys,

in this video ( it’s possible to change the color of an icon.
I downloaded some icons from, uploaded them, gave them a class but when I set the background fill color the icon’s background would change, not the symbol’s.

How can I do that?

It’s an icon FONT so you have to change the FONT color not the BACKGROUND color.

Hello @FvG
There is an excellent resource with great icons and the best is that you can download them as png or svg. Even you can choose the size and colors before downloading to use it directly in Webflow.
The site is

I hope this helps.


Man, you rock!!! I love that resource. Thanks so much for sharing :smile:

Do a google search as well. There are also several great resources online where you can drag and drop icon sets to build your own custom webfont icon sets - they also can be generated from your own svg graphics.

I still would love to see the option to change colors of an SVG file within webflow… any chance this would be in the next update? or should I not keep my expectations that high :smiley: