Changin the color of an .svg image

I keep trying to find a way to change the color of the svg’s on the site but I seem to be missing the way to do it.

Can you guys help me with a idea ?

This very popular request has been on the wishlist for over 4 years. Don’t hold your breath. Webflow likes to ignore its user base.

I’d suggest just using Illustrator or something like that for now.

You can also add the SVG via an HTML embed and use “currentColor” in the SVG code – then the SVG will inherit the color set on the corresponding parent element, allowing you to change the color on hover, etc.

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I don know html language, but I did change some thext with current color in a shipify store. COuld you be more specifin on where I need to do the chage ?

Thank you for the answer !

Hm… ok I’ll make the changes in Illustrator.

Thank you for the answer !

This video walks through the method I’m referring to.