Set max font size above 1452px?


I have my Body All Pages size set to 1vw and all of my type set in ems on my website and the scaling is great. However, I’d like the text to stop scaling up above the desktop breakpoint at 1452px. I wanted to see what would be considered best practice before creating a larger breakpoint or implementing custom code. Here’s a read-only link to my portfolio site.

Should I:

a) create a custom 1440px (or 1920px?) breakpoint and convert the ems sizes throughout the site back to PX so they’ll stop scaling up from that point?

b) use CSS Clamp as outlined here (calculations use rems, not sure how to adapt to that) CSS Tricks: Lineraly Scale Font Size with CSS Clamp

Or if there’s another elegant solution that would work better, I’d love to know. This is my first website build in Webflow. Thank you in advance for your support.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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