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Set font size/color on dynamic data Rich Text Field

Hi. How do we set p or span font size/color on a Rich Text Field that is pulling from CMS?

You can’t dynamically customize font colors in rich-text editors at the moment. You will have to create a separate text block for that.

Hi @samliew,

Is this also true of text size?

I am not able to adjust the text size of content that is being pulled from cms.


Hi @uberwilso,

Yes, unless you are using a rich-text component, then you have h1-h6, bold, italics, which you can style.

@samliew the settings say rich text, links to images below:

You can set a font size for the rich text editor, but if the paragraphs have a fixed font size like 12px, it will stay the same. Try setting “ALL paragraphs” to a relative size like “1em”.

that worked, thank you.

What is the best way to select “All Paragraphs” or any of the pink global styles if they are only being used by dynamic content? e.g. there is nothing to click on anywhere else on my site that has those tags

Put one on the page, style it, then delete it after.

You sir are very helpful!