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Serving the 500px wide version of asset on my MacBook Pro 11"

In the published version of my site I am getting low res version of images served for the published version of the site (this isn’t happening on the previewed version of the site).


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Since you are talking about the site front end, mind sharing that URL?

@webdev is that what you needed?

Yep. I see the issue. I might get a chance to dig into it later tonight or tomorrow.

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So it get’s weirder:
when I visit the case study with the same asset by clicking on the section on the homepage the asset is the correct resolution on the case study. And when I return to the home page the asset loads as the higher resolution version.
When I go to the next case study and back to the home page it updates the asset for that section but the previous sections asset is back to being low res.

See screen recording here:

This fixed it for now.
I am going to go through and replace the images with optimized ones. And come back to see if I can figure out how to fix the issue with responsive images later this week.

Sorry for the flood of posts.

I was going to say that it looked like this was related to the transforms on the responsive images. Optimizing them (orientation) would make sure they displayed well on all browsers.

Glad you were able to figure it out. I looked a bit into your issue but couldn’t see anything that jumped out so I figured it may have been a bug.

In regards to the referenced post, did you try to use the command to manually update the responsive images across your site ( CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+I )? I wasn’t aware of that functionality myself, and figured it may be good to rule out in the event it’s a bug that Webflow Support should look into.

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I tried that multiple times with no avail. Ultimately it was the command that allowed me to turn off responsive images that fixed it. It is not a great solution, or one I will stick with for long, but it will get me to meet my deadline (:innocent:). And I can come back and do the optimizations I need after.

Thanks so much to this awesome community.

I thought the same thing!
I removed those transforms. The bug was still persisting.
This same bug was happening on a page that had not transforms, and not happening on a page where there were transforms.

Thanks again for all the help.

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