SEO Video Indexing Issue "No Thumbnail URL provided"

Hey everyone! With my most recent website project, I’ve put considerable effort into making my site as SEO optimized as possible. I’ve generated a sitemap and sent it to the Google Search Console, and I’ve since received an email notifying me of a ‘video indexing issue’ on a couple of my pages.

According to the search console, the pages in question are my photos page and my FAQ page. The strange thing, however, is that neither of those pages contains a video element on them, yet google is telling me the page is ‘containing a video where the page could be indexed, but no video could be indexed’. The large error text states, “No thumbnail URL provided”.

Does anyone know what might be going on? I’m pretty new to these SEO integrations so want to make sure everything is set up properly! Thanks you everyone!

Pages in question (that to my knowledge are not video pages):

Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

I have the same issue as well. I believe it’s a new Google metric. Does anyone have a fix for this yet?

Thankful for anyone who can provide any insight to this ongoing issue. I don’t know a ton about the Google Search Console, but I have a feeling that a failed validation might negatively impact my SEO rankings.

The packages page does not contain a video element. Why is Google Search console indexing this page as a video page?

Google offers documentation on most of its products and features. Here is what they provide regard this topic.