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SEO - Text & Image Keyword Question

I’m moving our website to Webflow and I’ve got about 400+ Photo Gallery pages that never got any love from Google.

This time around, I’m going to focus on 4 or 5 unique keywords per gallery page. For example: (just an example - not the actual URL)

  • Brown Sugar Cookies
  • Cookies made with Brown Sugar
  • Delicious Sugar Cookies that are Brown
  • Brown Cookies made with Brown Sugar
  • Brown Sugar makes Brown Cookies.

Now, is there any SEO benefit to labeling the IMAGES on the “Brown Sugar Cookies” page with the EXACT same keywords that I’m using in the text of the article / post? I’m would assume there is - but I just want make sure before I spend countless hours analyzing / rewriting all my old posts and assigning matching keywords (thus - renaming 1000’s of images).

Will the Google Machine notice that the image names are identical to the keywords that are in that particular / unique article and rank the page higher? Is it worth the time investment - will the SEO results be mind blowing… or just… ehhhh

Thank you!

On Webflow, images won’t be in a hierarchical folder stucture that supports keywords, which is a bummer. Also images are renamed on upload, to include a UID (unique id) prepended to the file name. So naming is still important if you want the images to have a chance of showing up in search results (image). Alt text is important. You just don’t want to appear to be spamming keywords. Instead write the description for screen readers.

I would suggest renaming important files, and then concentrating on social media like Pinterest and Instagram where you can get a better ROI of time.

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