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SEO problem with images


The SEO expert my client hired, tells me that since all website’s images are placed at and not on the website itself, he can’t promote the images.
Is that true? Is there any way to solve this?

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This topic has been adresed before on the forum and from what I remember all of the people here have said the same:

“There’s no harm in SEO to host images like that”

Check this answer from @vincent about this:

Maybe I’m mistaken but this is what I’ve found through different topics.

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@aaronocampo If you read carefully, I never said “cloud images don’t affect SEO negatively”. I said “After asking experts and do research, no one said cloud images were affecting SEO negatively” :slight_smile:

@Naama I am quite surprised that a SEO expert comes against cloud hosting in 2018. The question today isn’t “How is cloud CDN hosting harming your SEO” but rather “How many benefits cloud hosting has on SEO”.

On big factor of SEO is speed. Cloud hosting means exactly that: a bump in speed for your website. And that’s one important criteria.

It’s not the only important benefit. Another one is effectiveness of indexing. I’m not going to enter into details but having your images on a CDN means they index as fast as possible and Google will crawl them more often. Google does this for the quality of its image search system. And close to 70% of a click in image search turns into site traffic. So if your SEO person means to talk about SERP when saying “promote the images”, it’s actually the opposite, CDN is an advantage.

Disclaimer: I am not an SEO expert but everything I wrote here comes from multiple recent sources.


@vincent actually I wasn’t quoting you on that statement specifically, it was more a general point of view rather than a personal statement. Anyway, thanks for the clarification and the detailed explanation. :raised_hands:


Thank you both @aaronocampo and @vincent! you gave me more than enough answers for him.

Add + add alts + add titles + set semantic image names (even if webflow add grgdhfrj64473…for file names) > More important than image url path.