Website still not searchable on Google after verification

Hello guys,

I launched my website last month and I have gone through the whole Google Site Verification through the Setting on Webflow. I can now track the traffic on the website but my site is still unable to be search on Google. On Google Console it shows that there is no data of Google Search (of course cause the site cannot be search on Google). If anyone has any tips, please do let me know! Thank you very much!! :cowboy_hat_face:

Feel free to check out the website:

(image 01 above shows data of visitors)

(image 02 above shows no data of google search)

Hi @Size_Variable

Have you submitted your sitemap to Google through Search Console?

Hello Kevin~ No, I don’t recall I did that step. Do I have to do it in order to be search?


Absolutely, Google doesn’t know you exist until you submit a sitemap and have it indexed.

Webflow creates a sitemap for you, it can be found in the project settings. Essentially, it is

Setup Search Console with Google, find the sitemap area and enter it, navigated to URL Inspection and enter your and then click request indexing.