SEO For Beginners

Im trying to figure out this whole SEO thing… I could really use a beginner breakdown to get everything (sitemap, robots.txt, seotitle, etc) up and running properly with google. Thanks in advance.

You should read on Google about this. SEO is a fast changing domaine, not everyone say the same thing, and often people say opposite things. It’s a tough, vast domain. Try to find recent publications, an article from 4 years ago is already outdated I guess.

This one is from January:

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Great question and great link! Thanks!

@vincent’s right. moz is always a good place to start.

I can also recommend you to use the website for page ranking. It allows to track the page rank in realtime and suggests some working ways on how to increase it and get more traffic. It will be definitely useful for you

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All the latest update about SEO is on the said website (, I also did use the article to get an idea about SEO. You can also check out and find relevant articles on the said website. :grin:

For beginners, you can go to to read more about article in SEO, this could do a great help,

below is a list of seo learning you can read, which includes link building, social media and others.