SEO: Canonical Tags

Any idea if we are going to have the option to insert canonical tags in the future?

Friendly bump - is no one interested in Canonical Tags? I used them here at my current employment and it significantly increased our SEO ratings and positioning.



Agreed am looking for this too.

@seank and @chloecan what is it exactly you’re looking to be able to do? Have a system to manage urls with ?options, or only add the rel="canonical" tag to some links?

I’m fairly new to canonical tags so I don’t see the big picture here sorry.

If you want to dd the canonnical rel tag to a URL, you can use the custom attributes feature of Webflow. Select your element, go to the settings tab and add an attribute, “rel” for the name and “canonical” for the value.

Then you can see what it does in the HTML code:


I’m looking at a way to add canonical tag to every page in the website to avoid duplicate protocols (including dynamic pages created from collections).

Currently the website is live on both http and https, and our SEO agency is asking us to put canonical tags to have only one version of the website.

So what does this mean exactly, to add rel=“canonical” to all the links of one version of the website?

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It means that every webpage must have a canonical tag on it with a it’s own url. But I do not want to manually add the tag on everypage (especially knowing that there are some dynamically created pages).

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I’m having issues with this as well.

I use SSL on my site, but people are also able to get to my site without HTTPS, thus I’ve found myself with http and https versions, creating duplicate content, I’d to be able to set the canonical tag to the https version ideally.

Webflow use this on their own website, maybe just use the custom code section?
Also I think its a good idea to select your preferred url in google webmaster tools.

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